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#AudiobookReview ~ Released: Vagabond Circus (#3) by Sarah Noffke

Released: Vagabond Circus, Book 3 Written by: Sarah Noffke Narrated by: Steve Barnes Length: 8 hrs and 33 mins  Series: Vagabond Cir...

Sunday, April 9, 2017

#AudiobookReview ~ Ren: The Monster's Death (book 4) by Sarah Noffke

Ren: The Monster's Death AudiobookRen: The Monster's Death
Written by: Sarah Noffke
Narrated by: Tim Campbell

  • Length: 4 hrs and 57 mins 



first of all, let me say this ... if you haven't read or listened to any of Sarah's books ... you really SHOULD! 
trust me, you will not regret it but you might regret not doing so sooner! πŸ˜‰

Sarah is one of those authors you need to read, you need to own the books and the audiobooks and anything and everything associated with them! SERIOUSLY! 
This woman is a genius and it's not just my opinion either ... I love her books so much i have gotten my friend hooked by buying her a few of the audiobook sets ... SHE is now hooked 

Sarah's books need to be in TV or MOVIE format! WHO THE HECK DO I HAVE TO TALK TO ABOUT THIS????
seriously, anyone know?

This book, REN: The Monster's Death, wraps everything up nicely and emotionally! (have tissues ready) and has a GREAT segue into the next series (Awesome .. can't wait) 

I love Ren Lewis ... he's not the kind of man you DREAM about meeting but i think if you are blessed enough to meet someone like him you'd certainly feel that way ... blessed!
I do admit you'd have to appreciate his mind, his sarcasm, his dark whit, his ego and his pure awesomeness! 
I dare you not to read or listen to his story and NOT love or adore him! Go on ...do it ... 
you can buy them here>>>
or here >> REN AUDIBLE 

this book was the most emotional for me to listen to but it filled me with a lot of hope and warmth

I also couldn't stop talking to my newly-converted-sarah-noffke-audiobook-fan friend about REN and I told her she NEEDS to listen ... she really really needs to do it
I might have to buy her the set! 
Ren's stories have some surprisingly great life advice in them ... no, really, they do! and I often found I smiled or felt better for listening to his words ... Ren isn't a man to give stupid advice nor is he one to offer it all the time so when he does, it's always worth listening to ...
(psst, Sarah ... some of his advice is advice i've often given before ... Ren and I have some of the same ideas ... I must be awesome too ... haha)

I do hope this isn't the last of Ren .. a cameo? something? Gosh, it's like losing a friend but one you are grateful to have met and one that made you a wiser and better person for having known ... Thank you Ren 
Thank you Sarah for bringing him into my life

Now, listen up people ... if you love YA books ... Sarah has 3 fantastic stories for you ... 
(I recommend these two before listening or reading REN's stories as there are spoilers in Ren's books) 

All of these books are also on Audible 

I am impatiently awaiting Sarah's next series 

Ok ... I need to write a letter to those movie/tv ppl in Hollywood

Dear movie and tv producers, 

PLEASE read Sarah Noffke's books, you'll love them! TRUST ME!
these stories will make amazingly wonderful and entertaining tv/movies for the whole family ...
These stories are creative and unique and I promise you that you'll be thoroughly entertained by these relate-able characters that are also extraordinary with their abilities and  the challenges they must face to save their world and ours!

These stories are easily compared to others like Hunger Game, the divergent series, twilight, the mortal instruments, etc ... addictive and delightful tales

and of course, REN's stories .. that's more of an adult story but i know I'd love to see who was cast and how it would look on my tv screen

I am in love with these stories and I just can't get enough! 

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