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#AudiobookReview ~ Released: Vagabond Circus (#3) by Sarah Noffke

Released: Vagabond Circus, Book 3 Written by: Sarah Noffke Narrated by: Steve Barnes Length: 8 hrs and 33 mins  Series: Vagabond Cir...

Saturday, March 18, 2017

#AudiobookReview ~ Released: Vagabond Circus (#3) by Sarah Noffke

Released AudiobookReleased: Vagabond Circus, Book 3
Written by: Sarah Noffke
Narrated by: Steve Barnes
Length: 8 hrs and 33 mins 
Series: Vagabond Circus, Book 3
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:02-15-17
Publisher: Sarah Noffke

Publisher's Summary

When a threat so brutal it has the force to rip the magic right out of the world takes over Vagabond Circus, everyone seeks refuge away from the big top. Finley knows he has to protect the circus he's grown to love and its people. But to do that he'll have to further scar his soul. Jack is relentless to take back what was stolen from him, but in the process he becomes someone he never expected. And this acrobat, who once stole the hearts of millions, accidentally steals a heart he didn't expect. But it is Titus who is most changed by the events at Vagabond Circus. He's always been the fearful coward, but with a new threat bearing down on his best friend's circus he knows he has to invent the courage to become a new man. Zuma watches from the sidelines as the people she loves grow in an effort to save one of the most important ventures in the world. In this final installment of the Vagabond Circus series, deals will be made, futures tampered with, and everyone's hearts broken. But the question that will keep the troupe of this circus going is precisely the same one that will plague listeners. Can Dr. Dave Raydon's circus be saved? And if it can't, then is everything around it doomed?


I love Sarah Noffke's stories
I have had the pleasure of listening to all of the on audio format!

In this audiobook Sarah wraps up her VAGABOND CIRCUS series ...
it's intense, emotional, exciting and dramatic ... it's absolutely wonderful! 

I did get used to Steve Barnes style of narration .. he's good, just not my cup of tea!
I'd still listen to this series over and over again

Again ... I LOVE SARAH NOFFKE'S stories ... I have recommended them and bought them for book lover and audiobook lover friends and they have all loved them too

all of them should be considered for movies, tv, mini series, etc

I am impatiently waiting to listen to the next REN audio

if I was to recommend an order in which to listen or read her series ... this would be it:

The Lucidites

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