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#AudiobookReview ~ Released: Vagabond Circus (#3) by Sarah Noffke

Released: Vagabond Circus, Book 3 Written by: Sarah Noffke Narrated by: Steve Barnes Length: 8 hrs and 33 mins  Series: Vagabond Cir...

Monday, January 30, 2017

AUDIOBOOK REVIEW ~ Suspended: The Vagabond Circus by Sarah Noffke

Suspended Audiobook
Suspended: The Vagabond Circus, Book 1

Written by: Sarah Noffke
Narrated by: Steve Barnes
Length: 8 hrs and 2 mins 
Series: Vagabond Circus, Book 1
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:10-18-16

When a stranger joins the cast of Vagabond Circus - a circus that is run by Dream Travelers and features real magic - mysterious events start happening. The once orderly grounds of the circus become riddled with hidden threats. And the ringmaster realizes not only is his circus and its magic at risk, but also his very life.Vagabond Circus caters to the skeptics. Without skeptics, it would close its doors. This is because Vagabond Circus runs for two reasons and only two reasons: first and foremost to provide the lost and lonely Dream Travelers a place to be illustrious. And secondly, to show the nonbelievers that there's still magic in the world. If they believe, then they care, and if they care, then they don't destroy. They stop the small abuse that day by day breaks down humanity's spirit. If Vagabond Circus makes one skeptic believe in magic, then they halt the cycle, just a little bit. They allow a little more love into this world. That's Dr. Dave Raydon's mission. And that's why this ringmaster recruits. That's why he directs. That's why he puts on a show that makes people question their beliefs. He wants the world to believe in magic once again.
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I love Sarah Noffke's stories and this one is just as wonderful and captivating as all her others ... still in the world of dream travelers but in a different community, different circumstances
Sarah is a gifted story teller and I love her stories and look forward to escaping into her worlds (ALL of which really need to be on a big or small screen) She writes magically and poetically, her characters are complex and brilliantly described, I can visualize them even down to small mannerisms
Mystery, suspense , intrigue, emotional ups, downs and challenges ... this story has it all
...SADLY, I didn't feel those things while listening!
 Steve Barnes is a new narrator for me and perhaps I expected too much after listening to Sarah's other audiobooks ... I was left irritated, unfulfilled and emotionally lacking!
I am aware that I am going against the grain and opinion of so many others but I felt that Steve's reading of Suspended was like listening to an over dramatic late night corny radio station that reads love stories, or talks about love ... blah blah ...  with the low slow sultry-like sounds.
I think he was going for a mysterious and intriguing sound but this story is told mostly from young adults/teenagers who know nothing of that tone or depth of mystery
They don't speak like that even when they are dramatic!
To me, it was creepy and just  didn't fit the story
while he tried to give everyone a different voice, he narrated each characters part with this same tone and it was confusing and also didn't fit all the characters personalities or the feelings of those parts ... Most of these characters weren't suspicious, mysterious, or dark in any way but rather they were happy,thoughtful, funny, and yes, confused at times, sad, lonely, etc but they would not have thought in this style ... there were so many fun and exciting moments that were not read to the full potential due to this tone
I felt his narration of emotions didn't fit most moments/scenes and I was saddened by this
Steve reads well, his words clear and I am sure he's a wonderful narrator for some books but i really wish he had done this book differently
That being said, I love the story and look forward to continuing with the next audiobook!   

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