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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

#SPECIAL Interview with Justine Davis ~ OPERATION SOLDIER NEXT DOOR #CuttersCodeSeries

Hey ya'll
I wanted to do something a little different as there was no promo to sign up for to promote Justine's new book release and I really want to promote this
I am so excited about this book ...
ONE - because I am new to her work
and TWO - because a while back I won a wonderful giveaway held by Justine (she plans to do this again so keep your eyes open) 
What I won was a dedication in this upcoming book to my beloved Yugo! 
I lost my beloved dog, Yugo (pronounced You-Go) a little over a year ago and it broke my heart into a million pieces!
He was my sweet curly little boy and he had several debilitating mental illness, which ultimately took him away from me (I believe he is at peace now without his inner demons and waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge) I entered the contest never thinking I would win but OH AM I GLAD I did!
With Justine's help I wrote a tiny dedication ... it was a therapeutic experience
My heart began to heal

I asked Justine if she would mind doing a little interview and she agreed so ... that's where this special blog post comes from

Here is a photo of my Angel Boy ... YUGO

(my friend used her graphic talents to make one of my favorite photos look like a painting) 
Yugo aka: Nugget/Nugs/CurlyTop

Q & A with Justine Davis 

1) as a new reader, I notice there are several books in the 'Cutter's code' series, are they stand alone or should they be read in order? 
Welcome to my world! I'm delighted you're here.
Yes, there are 8 books completed in the series so far, although the 8th won't be out until spring. While each story is complete within itself, there are references to previous and future characters who have been introduced along the way, and past events. Mostly just in passing, and nothing that makes the current story non-understandable. And readers seem to love that prior characters drop into a new story for reasons that make sense based on who they are. Also the Cutter books are a bit different in that his people, the Foxworths, make an appearance in each book. Because, well, his people! But final answer, they can be read individually but I do think it's more fun to do it in order.
2) what was your inspiration for this series and how did Cutter, the dog, come to be?

The first bit of inspiration for book one, OPERATION MIDNIGHT, literally came out of the sky. The whole black helicopter landing next door thing that starts off the adventure actually happened. I spent a long time trying to figure out what the heck my neighbor had been up to. (I later, via a couple of coincidences, found out why the helicopter, but that's another story) And that was the first seed, planted long ago but not sprouting, as it were, until Cutter romped into my head.
As for Cutter, he is a composite personality of sorts, not just of my own dogs over the years, but others I've met. I especially love the herding breeds; watching a good one work a herd or flock is utterly amazing to me. My favorites are border collies and the Belgians. I fell in love with Belgian Tervurens after hearing stories about the one who worked out on his own how to open not just a sliding patio door but the screen as well, the one who loved to make a running jump onto an office chair and ride it spinning around the room, grinning, and the one who helped his mom weed by taking the ones she pulled to the wheelbarrow and then watered the garden for her by carrying the hose from place to place. And so Cutter became a Terv. (and may I point out that on the cover for OPERATION SOLDIER NEXT DOOR, they actually got him right? Up until then they used German Shepherds, and while I love GSDs, they're not the same!)

3) I am a winner of a special giveaway, a dedication to my dog that will be in  'Operation Soldier Next door' (release date: November 2016)
 I found this experience to  be therapeutic and healing (Thank you) 
You recently held another giveaway for the same gift ... can you tell us how you decided to do such a giveaway? Will you do more?

First of all, you're welcome, and thank you for entering the contest at my website. I'm happy that you won. And that was the intent of this "operation", to help people express their feelings about beloved dogs, in the hopes it eases the pain of loss just a little to share it with others in print.
The inspiration for the dedication giveaway was my precious chocolate Lab, Decoy, a rescue who instantly knew her job was my very ill husband, and proceeded to see to it with a love that brightened both our lives. Later she saved me, kept me going. When I finished the first book, I dedicated it to her and the other dogs of my life. She was still with me then, although the end came soon after the book came out. She made it to 15, a grand run for a Lab, but I was still devastated. Writing about her seemed to help, so after a friend lost her Golden, I asked if she'd like to commemorate her in a dedication. She did, and said as you did, that it was healing. I think it was then I realized what a good thing it could be, and decided to open it up to readers through the monthly contest at my website. People have to be patient, as you learned; in the traditional publishing world, there's a loooong wait between turning it all in and publication! But there has been a dedication to a beloved lost companion in every Cutter thus far, and it will continue as long as the series does, and people enter the contest for it.

4) I know you have another book coming in 2017 in this series ... can we expect more?

Yes, OPERATION ALPHA will be out in March, with at least one more to follow. It's been so much fun to write these books, I'm sometimes startled by how many there are. As for more, that's actually up to my publisher. The book after OPERATION ALPHA is the last book on this contract, so I won't know if we're going on for a while yet. I hope so; judging by my mail, I think readers will hunt me down and lock me in my office if I don't eventually write Rafe's story! 

5) I am a dog lover as I suspect you are ... dogs on the furniture/bed or not? hahaha

LOL! I am and have always been a dog lover. After losing my beloved Decoy, it took me two years to get to where I could bear to go through it again, and another year to find the dog that was meant to be here. I adopted her a little over a year ago and now can't imagine life without her. But to answer your question—of course, yes. A dog is family. And not for anything would I miss my girl jumping up to dig through the covers until she finds my ear to lick to wake me up in the morning. Even when it's at 5:30 (as it was this morning) she manages to make me laugh, which is saying something!

BTW Justine, I am in full agreement ... my dogs take up HALF the furniture and HALF of the king size bed! and I wouldn't have it any other way =)
Thank you for taking the time to do this interview

The Cutter's Code series continues with a hero who fights to remember…and love 

Instead of a peaceful homecoming, wounded warrior Tate McLaughlin faces an explosion, near-electrocution and Cutter, an incredibly smart dog. Worse, the sexy veteran needs Lacy—the pretty girl next door—to leave him alone! He's been hurt too many times to risk his heart again. 

To Lacy Steele, it's apparent that the attacks on her neighbor were no accident. Someone is after him, but his damaged memory offers no clue who! But as they investigate, Lacy finds an intimacy with Tate neither of them has ever known. And it's that bond—and secrets from his deployment—that threatens his life and heart.

Chapter 1
    Hayley Foxworth lay in the darkness of a quiet night, considering waking her husband after a particularly heated dream. The bedside clock read 4 a.m. This time of year, late spring, the sun would soon begin to brighten the sky, and then it would clear the Cascades and spill golden light across the waters of Puget Sound. And he would wake on his own. He never could sleep much past sunrise, anyway, whatever time of year it was.    She didn’t mind. Quinn was a complex man, but the core of him never changed; he loved her, and he would always do what he thought was right. Not much more a woman could ask for, she thought as she turned on her side to snuggle up behind him, savoring his heat even on this relatively warm night. He—    A blast shattered the quiet.    Two things happened simultaneously. Her husband bolted upright, instantly awake and alert. And their dog, Cutter, did the same, erupting into a cacophony of barking.    “Damn, that was close,” Quinn muttered, already out of bed and pulling on the jeans and boots he’d discarded so hastily last night. By the time Hayley had pulled on enough to be decent he was at the front door, where Cutter was pawing at the knob, demanding to get out.    “He’ll be gone like a shot.” She knew her clever dog’s demeanor too well by now.    “Then we’ll just have to keep up,” Quinn said.    Hayley spared a moment to be thankful he didn’t tell her to stay safe at home while he checked it out, but then Quinn had never questioned her competence or abilities. And, of course, she’d had some training herself in the last two years.    Cutter seemed to realize his humans couldn’t move quite as fast as he could, and when he got too far ahead—Hayley had no idea how he decided when that was, but it was consistent—he paused and looked back, waiting for them to catch up. In the darkness his black head and shoulders were almost indiscernible. Were it not for the lighter, reddish brown of his body and tail she doubted she’d be able to see him at all.    They were headed west, but at the first cross street the dog cut south, and within a few yards Hayley could smell…something. Smoke. Ash. Dust in the air. She wasn’t sure.    “There,” Quinn said, just as she saw it. A man, wearing only trim boxers, coughing, staggering a bit, in front of a small house that looked tidy and well-kept. Except for the huge, smoking hole in the north wall.    Cutter reached the man first. He was either too dazed to be concerned, or he was comfortable with a dog of no small size appearing out of nowhere. She guessed the latter when Cutter nudged him and the man moved to stroke the dog’s head in a gesture that appeared instinctive. From here, all she could tell was that he was tall, with close-cropped dark hair, and thin, although he looked fit rather than bony. A second figure came into view, a woman, running toward the scene from the house next door, apparently using the flashlight of her cell phone to light the way. She arrived at the same moment they did.    “I’ve called the fire department,” she said, looking at the man rather anxiously. “Are you all right?”    The man’s head slowly turned. Hayley saw his face was soot-stained and his right shoulder and left foot were bleeding. Not badly, but definitely. Broken glass? He was looking at his neighbor, his brow furrowed. He gave a slight shake of his head, not in answer but as if to clear it. He didn’t speak.    “I’m guessing his ears are still ringing a bit,” Quinn said.    The woman glanced at them, then at Cutter. Her expression changed, in obvious recognition of some combination of them and their dog. Hayley smiled briefly in return. She and Quinn ran with the dog through the neighborhood regularly, and this was the woman with the amazing vegetable garden who always waved at them as they went by. The woman nodded and went back to watching her neighbor with concern.    “You should sit down,” she told him.    His brow furrowed again. The woman got there quickly. She pointed at her own ears with a questioning look. He shook his head again, wincing. The movement made him sway slightly.Cutter whined, nudging at the man’s hand. He looked down, smiled, and stroked the dog’s head again. Cutter dropped to the grass and rolled over, clearly asking for a belly rub. Hayley drew back in surprise since Cutter rarely surrendered his dignity so quickly, not even to them, and certainly not in situations like this. She glanced at Quinn and saw he was just as startled.But the man bent to comply, marking him as knowledgeable about canine body language. A second later he rather abruptly sat down beside the dog, as if he’d had little choice in the matter.    The woman’s mouth quirked up at one corner. “Well, that’s one way to get him to sit down.”    “Ears. Balance. I think he might need medics to check him out,” Quinn said.    “I asked for them, too,” she said. “The house has been empty since Mr. McLaughlin died, but I saw a motorcycle arrive last night and lights on, so I figured somebody must be here.”    “Good thinking,” Hayley said.    “I’m Lacy Steele, by the way,” the woman said.    “Quinn and Hayley Foxworth,” Hayley said. “We live around the corner.”    The woman nodded, clearly thinking anything more by way of introduction could wait, then crouched beside the man, who was giving Cutter the requested rub.    “Let me know if your ears are—”    She stopped mid-sentence as the man looked up quickly. A flicker of relief crossed his face.    “Better?” she asked, smiling.    “Some,” he said. “Still ringing, but I can hear you enough to make it out.”    “Good,” she said. She turned the flashlight on the phone back on and aimed it at his left ear, then moved to his right. “No bleeding there,” she announced.    “Thanks, doc,” he said, rather wryly.    The woman stared at him for a moment, as if she wasn’t sure how to take that. The man said nothing more to her, just leaned over and ruffled the fur between Cutter’s ears.    “Thanks, buddy,” he said softly. For a moment his hand lingered on the dog’s head, gently, as if in thanks. Or benediction.    Cutter’s body language changed instantly. He rolled to an upright position, head cocked back. For a long moment he stared at the man. Straight into his eyes. And then he got up, turned to face Hayley and Quinn. Sat.    And gave them The Look.    “Uh-oh,” Quinn whispered.    “Indeed,” Hayley answered in a tone just as quiet. “Seems there might be something else going on here.”    “I wish I knew how he does that.”    Hayley glanced at her husband, giving him a loving smile. He’d long ago surrendered to the fact that Cutter did do it, and only now and then idly wondered how.    And there was no question about it here. Their new neighbor had a problem, something beyond his immediate situation. And Cutter’s instincts told him it was something Foxworthy, as Liam jokingly put it.    “I get the feeling,” Hayley said, “he’s going to be a prickly one.”    “As long as he’s not a—”    “Hush,” Hayley said, cutting off the awful pun she knew was coming.    She was surprised at how energized she felt. It had been a quiet few weeks, with nothing much happening since they’d returned from California, where her prodigal brother, Walker, was busily setting up Foxworth Southwest with help from her best friend, Amy.While she’d relished the extra time spent with Quinn, she had been getting a little antsy. And she knew if she was, Quinn was triply so. He’d kept busy, planning, training, teaching, not to mention clawing at the old case of the mole who had once betrayed them, but she knew he was more than ready for an immediate challenge.    “Looks like we’ve got one,” she said softly.    Because Cutter was never wrong. 

Operation Soldier Next Door by Justine Davis
releases in November 2016 (NEXT MONTH!!!)

Here are a few BUY LINKS ... but it can be purchased at other retailers 

You can find more information about Justine and her books here:



  1. Wonderful interview! I love Cutter's stories. I think the dedications are a beautiful idea.


    1. Thank you! I look forward to reading this series 😊