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Friday, June 10, 2016

#ChaosTour #GuestPost ~ Prophet of the Chaos Tour‏ @jayhamlet @MasqTours

Title: Prophet of Chaos
Series: Chaos Theology #2
Author: J. Hamlet
Publication Date: March 31, 2016
Genre: Dark Urban Fantasy

Nathaniel is a man of many gifts. First and foremost is the power of Prophecy. Whenever he sleeps, he dreams of triumphs and tragedies alike, and how to either make them happen or prevent them. With that knowledge, he’s thwarted the world-shaking schemes of Angels and Demons alike. Not surprisingly, every elite agent of both Heaven and Hell are always hunting him, wanting to be the one to take down the notorious man known to most as The Prophet. He’s spent most of his life as a homeless drifter: hiding, dreaming, and passing along the intel from his revelations to those who can take actions, be they government agents, freelance wizards, or less savory occult figures.

Recently, he’s been plagued by a series of recurring visions that threaten to force him out of his shadowy life and into the spotlight. He’s seen the world ready to plummet into a new dark ages. A Senator with presidential aspirations is on one side, backed by the most ruthless of Heaven’s forces and seeking to transform the world into a brutal theocracy. A church of Demon-worshipping terrorists also stand ready to launch a bloody revolution through mass murders, demonic possession, and civil war that will literally bring about Hell on earth. Nathaniel stands in the middle, struggling to stop both sides from realizing their chosen versions of humanity’s future with everything in his mystical arsenal. And he can’t do it alone.


Birth of a Chaos Theology

Chaos Theology is a series that brings together a lot of genres: political thriller, body horror, supernatural thriller, dark fantasy, and more. That was one of the many reasons I decided to write it. Too many fantasy stories I read seemed flat. While I appreciated the minimalist touches of magical realism, it always left me wanting more. Even more, comic books, anime, and other series that touched on magical or arcane powers seemed to never get what I was looking for in a story. The character were off, or the characters were good but the plot was thin and unsatisfying. The magic itself seemed unimaginative, or based on a system too difficult to understand. I was determined to build a better story, and a better fictional universe. Where did I start? It was simple, I started with religion. But first, let me back up a little. 

When I was young, growing up in the area I did, I got exposed to a lot of fundamentalist viewpoints. I'd ride around in my friends' parents' cars hearing Christian talk radio all the day. Regularly, people would try to “convert” me (nevermind that I already believed in God, even a Christian God, but it wasn't the particularly extreme flavor they were looking for). That, from an early age, always scared me but also intrigued me. As I grew older, faith became a subject that fascinated me. I later turned to reading Gnostic bibles, Apocrypha, old folklore, even Zoroastrianism. It dovetailed with my burgeoning interest in philosophy. Particularly the metaphysical twists posed by people like Immanuel Kant, pointing out the limits of human comprehension and the worlds that could exist beyond what we were capable of perceiving and understanding.

All of it formed a radiant stew in my mind as I consumed pulpy pop culture and these more esoteric texts and ideas about religion that I kept reading and absorbing. Could I combine them? Could I turn these unusual thoughts and notions I had into something like a genre thriller? Add that to a recurring nightmare I used to have about zombies overrunning a high rise apartment I lived in and Hand of Chaos was born. 

Part critique and satire of fundamentalist religion with Heaven, Hell, and Limbo engaged in an endless but bloody stalemate as they struggle for supremacy, part counter-terrorism thriller with supernatural fiends as the enemy, Hand of Chaos was the unique and bold animal I'd always wanted to read. It let me ask the questions about a world where fundamentalist religion might be true and what that would mean while telling a ripping action yarn. Prophet of Chaos followed, a story of a clairvoyant outcast working to stop a doomed future while Heaven and Hell's agents alike hunt him. 

Some have told me how unique the magic system and the mythology is in the Chaos Theology series. To me, I think it's something familiar and something new. Cobbled together from early Christian texts and ideas, folklores across a variety of cultures, and classical fantasy tropes, there's something unique but not alienating about it. And that's what I've always been after. 

Author Bio
J. Hamlet has made what you might call a career out of being a red tape slinger and beltway bandit and has lived in and around Washington, DC for most of his adult life. Originally from the dirty sands of Chesapeake, VA, he's been writing to pass the time and exorcise his demons since he was a teenager. He wrote many horrible books back then. These are better, at least he hopes so. His writing blends many different genres: spy thriller, supernatural thriller, and philosophy into an intoxicating and original mash. He also enjoys nerding out about food, baking, beer, homebrewing, and taking too many pictures of his dog.

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