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Thursday, June 16, 2016

AUDIO BOOK REVIEW ~ Dirty Girl: The Dirty Girl Duet, Book 1 by Meghan March

Dirty Girl AudiobookDirty Girl: The Dirty Girl Duet, Book 1
Written by: Meghan March
Narrated by: Elena Wolfe, Sebastian York
Length: 5 hrs and 2 mins
Series: The Dirty Girl Duet, Book 1
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:05-18-16

Publisher: Meghan March

Desperately seeking rich, famous, single guy with a giant cock to make my lying, cheating, should've-been-born-dickless ex-boyfriend realize what he's just lost.
Oh, and I give great head. Just sayin'.
No man in his right mind would answer that ad.
Except thousands did.
My name is Greer Karas, and I should never be allowed near another bottle of booze again. Because when I drink, my friend and I do stupid things. Like take a page out of my older brother Creighton's playbook and post something completely asinine on the Internet. Waking up with a giant hangover to find my humiliating personal ad has gone viral is not my finest moment.
Cue my look of shock when one of Hollywood's hottest new bad boys, Cavanaugh Westman, comes knocking at my door and drops his pants to prove that he does indeed have a giant cock.
What he doesn't have is an explanation for why he disappeared from my life without a word three years ago, only to show up on the big screen two years later, killing bad guys in action flicks.
And now he wants me again.
What the hell do I do now?

Elena Wolfe, Sebastian York do an amazing job of narrating this audio book! I loved listening to them ... they add a realness to the characters ... sarcasm, wit, sexual desire, emotions ... all felt real and believable

The book starts out with the most awkward morning after ... like drunk texting only on a GRANDE scale! whoops! You shouldn't drink and post drunk sex ads!
Greer did and her friend drunkingly let her too ... oh no!
You just know, from the beginning that Greer is going to be an interesting character to know.

Cav is mysterious ... sexy Hollywood actor ... but he wasn't always.
He's hot, sexy and apparently a sex god! there should be a warning on this book ... lol HOT HOT HOT

The book progresses well although I am curious what happened with her Pro bono work at the jail ... Hmmm ... that part left me feeling like it wasn't finished but meh!

When the paparazzi come following Cav, putting Greer even more in the spotlight (she's the sister of a billionaire) her brother send them both to an island to hide and wait it out ... here comes the sex!
The cliffhanger was unexpected and OH SO GOOD ... in a crappy timing kind of way ... lol
I guess I will need to get the next audio book

Brilliant story ... tongue out, pant worthy listening!

for more on this book ...
Dirty Girl (Dirty Girl Duet Book 1) 
by Meghan March 
AMAZON - https://amzn.com/B01EXS6C6U  http://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01EXS6C6U

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