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Friday, May 20, 2016

#REVIEW - The Dark Elite by Chloe Neill (clean read - YA book )

Firespell and Hexbound (The Dark Elite, #1-2)
Firespell and Hexbound 
(The Dark Elite #1-2)

The first two novels of the Dark Elite series--Firespell andHexbound.
As the new girl at St. Sophia's boarding school, Lily Parker thinks her classmates are the most monstrous things she'll have to face. In Firespell and Hexbound, she'll find out just how wrong she is, as she falls in with a group of rebel teens defending Chicago from vampires, demons, and the corrupted magic users known as reapers.

This book has been sitting on my shelf waiting to be read for a long time
(I'm so embarrassed to say) 

I bought it cause it was in the bargain bin for under $5!!! 
The Dark Elite by Chloe Neill is two book in one ... YAY! 
#Firespell and #Hexbound

Because I read this book straight through I am going to have to write a review based on both books as one  ...
I bought the book years ago but hadn't picked it up until now
I'd classify this as a clean YA or NA book
There isn't any swearing or sex in the book that I noticed ... some creative cursing or hints at cursing sure but no actual swearing is in the book!

The main characters are teen girls ... they are attracted to boys, flirt and even date but there is only brief kissing in this book ... NO SEX of any kind!

Lily and Scout are so much fun ... witty and sarcastic ... so much fun to read!
and the 'brat pack' is your typical high school snobs ... annoying but you just need them to make life and stories more 'real'
there are a variety of different character types and they build a believable world ... even with paranormal creatures

There is a hidden battle in the world ... and the Adepts are helping to rid the world of the evil doings of the Reapers (those who don't wish to give up their magic so are forced to steal power/energy from people)
There are even vampires and werewolves in the mix!

I would recommend this to anyone who loves paranormal YA ... to teens and adults alike
I would certainly feel comfortable with allowing teens to read this book

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