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Friday, May 13, 2016

Audio Book Review ~ Confessions (Stay With Me #4) by Emily Jane Trent

Stay with Me - Book 4: Confessions: Kyra's Story
Audible – Unabridged
Emily Jane Trent (Author, Publisher)
Susan Fouche (Narrator)

Confessions (Stay With Me, #4)Stephano must outwit their enemies!
The hero walks into danger to defend their love.
In the conclusion to Kyra's suspenseful romance:
"Stephano considered his strategy. There were pitfalls, too many things that could go wrong. He would have to make sure they didn't. Stephano closed his eyes, thinking of Kyra. He would need to ensure that no harm came to her."
The oppressor fights back.
But Kyra and Stephano refuse to give in. Confessions light the way but create new challenges. Their only hope is to get to the truth. What Kyra wants, more than anything, is to be with the man she loves.
"Kyra just wanted to be swept away in his arms, get lost in the fire of his gaze. 'Once this is all over,' Stephano whispered, his lips close to hers, 'we are going to get married. I'm going to take you away, baby. I promise.'
Then Kyra placed her palms on his cheeks. 'That's a promise I'm going to make you keep.'"
Will Kyra find her happily-ever-after with Stephano? Or lose him forever?
Stay with Me series description: Kyra's Story is a sensual romance series consisting of four romantic suspense thrillers:
  • Lust
  • Secrets
  • Betrayal
  • Confessions
Kyra Walsh was Leah Ivers best friend in the Gianni and Leah seductive romance series. Now, you can hear about her love story with wealthy hero Stephano Rinaldi in this steamy, suspenseful romance.

The fourth, and final, book in the STAY WITH ME series ... this one was exciting! 

I loved the flow ... a beautiful flow with ups and downs and twists ... romance, sexiness and suspense too 
Only one part bothered me ... without a spoiler ...sex in  a bathroom in a bar ~shivers~ 
I am not against public sex (so long as no one has to actually see it) but parts of this just rubbed me wrong ... however, that was one small part and it's my own hangups ... lol 

a great ending to the series ... I really enjoyed this one! 
The sex is still HOT HOT HOT ... and Emily's description of places and food just make me melt 

obviously this book had more 'action' in it ~not more sex .. more action~ 
and it was exciting and thrilling to follow along 
and ... it has a lovely happy ending (I like those) 

I have now listened to all four book in audio and I think these are amazing books to own ... Yup, I'd even buy them in paperback or ebook (first book is free btw) 
The narrator is great and I enjoyed her voice and her accents ... I had to get used to her saying lines differently than I would have heard them in my head (I can be much more dramatic or laid back than Susan Fouche it seems) I look forward to reading/listening to more of Emily's books

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