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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Blog Tour ~ Forsaken by Rachel Madbury @indiesagepromo

Publication Date: September 24, 2015 

Blitz: Forsaken by Rachel Madbury
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Graciella Snow has no idea what she wants to do with her life. She’s never known. Since her mom left when she was a kid she’s wondered what the point was to pretty much anything. Now that she’s done with college and expected to join the “real world” she knows she’d better figure it out. But first she has to deal with the house she inherited from her late mother. Going to Maine for the summer was the last thing she’d planned on, but after she meets Alexander Cole she begins to question everything she ever thought she knew.
Known in town as something of a recluse Alexander Cole has gotten used to his solitude. He’s poured himself into his work and it’s better this way, even if these small town gossips don’t understand. But when Grace shows up to take care of her mom’s run down beach house he can’t seem to keep his normal distance. She’d be better off if he did, but after all this time, he’s not so sure he can keep up the fight. How can he keep her from finding out who he really is? Can she ever trust a man with a past she might never know?

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I’m still looking out the window when suddenly the car jerks to the right. Alexander’s hands slide around the wheel, fighting to bring it under control. I’m flung to the left before suddenly being jolted back by the tightening of the seat belt.

“Shit!!” Alexander yells over the squealing tires. The BMW comes to a screeching halt on the other side of the road, both of us slamming into the seats hard. Just as we stop moving, I see three deer bound through the headlights and into the darkness on the other side of the road.

“Shit. Fuck. Are you ok? Grace? Are you hurt?” He’s panicked, already unbuckling himself and rushing out of the car to my side. He flings open my door and is grabbing me by my shoulders before I can even process what just happened. His hands hold me tight, his long fingers pressing into me. I can see the fear in his pale blue eyes, inches from mine, his breathing coming in hard rasps... Even like this he’s gorgeous.

“Talk to me. Are you hurt?” he yells exasperated, the concern painted on his face.

“I’m fine,” I squeak out, unsure if I really am, but pretty sure. Studying me, he takes my face in his hands, gently holding me while he searches from one eye to the other, not believing me. His thumb brushes across my lip reverently before he pulls away.

“Are you sure? Do you want me to take you to the hospital? It’s only a few minutes away, maybe we should have you looked at…” He trails off about to run back around to the wheel but I grab his sleeve. He stops and looks down at my hand. His face changes from one of terror to something else, and I look up at him from my seat, still buckled in. He places his other hand over mine and closes his eyes. We’re both shaking, the place where our skin touches tingles with electricity. I can’t breathe. It’s as if we’re conduits for a current that’s holding us in place, a charged field expanding around us. When he opens his eyes, they lock on mine, a smoldering glare flickering behind his fear. He pulls his arm away from me and steps back but he doesn’t move farther. I swallow hard, regaining my voice.

“I’m fine, Alexander. Really. I’m fine. Look at me. I’m okay.” I hold out my hands and pat down my upper body, proving that I’m still in one piece. He watches closely, surveying me. Finally with an exhale he rubs his hands down his face pausing as they meet at his chin and then starts for the driver’s seat. 

About Rachel Madbury

Rachel Madbury is a New Hampshire based writer of sexy love stories. Her modern romances are filled with strong women and the men that are lucky enough to cross their paths. Perhaps the last to admit to being a hopeless romantic at heart, Rachel was a latecomer to the romance genre. These days she’s having a blast making up for lost time. When not tapping away at her keyboard or devouring the latest release from her own favorite authors, she loves to be outside, catch up on the latest HBO series, or road-trip around gorgeous New England. Almost as much fun as writing her romance novels is keeping up with her readers. If you’d like to connect with Rachel online you can find her at https://www.facebook.com/rachelmadbury

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