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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Series REVIEW ~ The Seeker Series by Amy Reece #FiveStars #MustHave @AReeceAuthor

The Seeker Series

Ally Moran is psychic. She also may be the next Oracle, a powerful Seer descended from ancient Druids. She would like to be able to forget all that and just concentrate on making it through high school.

Jack Ruiz is 18 and still a junior in high school. He’s back on track after a few rough years, determined to keep his head down and graduate.

The Seeker Series follows their adventures through high school and into college, as they help friends in trouble, solve cold cases, dodge stalkers and try to discover if Ally really is the next Oracle. They might just fall in love along the way.

Book One 

Ally Moran has always just known about things—things she shouldn’t really be able to know… 
Suddenly when she starts having vivid visions about a former friend who is in desperate trouble, the adults in her life think she might hold the key to an ancient mystery. 
Jack Ruiz has a troubled past, but is trying to make a fresh start at a new high school… 
He just wants to keep his head down and graduate, hopefully before he turns 20. The last thing he needs is to get involved with a feisty redhead and her psychic visions. 
While Jack valiantly attempts to keep Ally at arm’s length, she is equally determined to be a part of his life. Who will win this battle of wills? 
More importantly… 
Can this unlikely couple work together to find answers to Ally’s visions before someone gets killed?


Meet Ally Moran, a 17 year-old who also happens to be psychic. Oh, and she’s getting more psychic with every passing day, so much so that she’s been sent to Ireland to check in with the Seer Council to see what’s up with her freaky new powers. 
Jack Ruiz is her 19 year-old boyfriend, a former troublemaker who’s back on track and trying desperately to graduate. His plans did not include falling in love with a psychic trouble-magnet.
Last month they worked together to save a friend in deep trouble and ended up solving a school-wide mystery. But now there’s a new guy at school, Remy Giles, and he seems just a little bit too interested in Ally for Jack’s liking. And why does Ally keep dreaming about a kidnapping? Last month seems like a cakewalk compared to this semester… 
Ally's trying to solve a mystery, but Jack is just trying to keep her alive.

Ally Moran and Jack Ruiz are starting their first year in college and are looking for peace and quiet for the first time in their relationship… 
However, it may be too much to hope for. 
First, Ally’s long-lost father shows up, making her question everything she thought she knew about her past. 
Meanwhile, Rémy Giles and the mysterious Mina have accompanied Ally home from France so they can try to figure out what the newest prophecy could possibly mean. 
Is Ally the next Oracle? 
And if all this weren’t enough, Ally fears she is being stalked, and she appears to have a secret admirer who is sending her creepy personal messages in the college newspaper. However, no one else has seen this “supposed” stalker, so she fears she may be going crazy. 
As Jack and Remy fight to keep Ally safe against the looming danger, 
Ally begins to fear for the one thing she can’t bear to lose…her sanity.

Book FOUR 

Spending her junior year in college in France should be the adventure of a lifetime… 

Too bad Ally Moran’s only doing it to keep her family and friends safe from a killer. When Mina goes missing, the illusion of safety disappears and Rémy must finally confront his feelings for her. 

Jack has been patient for a year, but he can only be pushed so far before he takes matters into his own hands and flies to France to bring back the feisty red-haired psychic he loves. 

Love may conquer all, but the identity of the true Oracle is still up in the air. 

Until that’s settled, no one can have a happily-ever-after…


I was going to just post a review about Oracle but when I thought about it, I realized that I want to recommend the entire series! 
I feel like you'd have to read them all to get the full effect of the books ... and I have no doubt you'll want to read them back to back! ;) 

I was very blessed to be offered the chance to review book 1 & 2 a while back, in exchange for an honest review ... I loved them! 
I read them back to back and was so sad that I didn't have the next book 

not long ago, Amy offered her newsletter subscribers a chance to read one of her books and I greedily requested book 3! (Amy is so generous!) 
I devoured it! 
and then, Amy gifted me one more ... Oracle ... the finale book in the series! 

Let me just say, I loved all four books individually ... they all gave so much excitement and adventure! 
but as a series, this one ROCKS! 

I read a lot of 'romance' book genres  ... 
this is a YA/NA book ... I recommend for ages above 17 as there is some strong adult content (not sex ... or at least nothing graphic) but violence and some uncomfortable situations and some swearing.

Overall, I think this book series will entertain a wide range of ages and book genre likes ... from 17 - 70 years of age, you will enjoy the subjects of love, high school bs/clicks and such, the trials and tribulations of growing up ... not to mention the characters are so endearing and they feel like real people
for those who love romance ... young love is always sweet!
paranormal lovers ... you'll love this story and secret society of gifted individuals

Even though Amy gifted me with all the books ... they are still on my TO BE BOUGHT list! I think I'd like these in paperback on my bookshelf!

BUY the series (I believe they are all free on Kindle Unlimited ...?)

for more information about Amy Reece and her books https://amyreece.wordpress.com/

Happy Reading!


  1. Thanks so much Lisa! I am honored to be on your blog and look forward to your future recommendations. After all, I'm a reader, too! Sounds like we have really similar taste!

    1. thanks Amy!
      I look forward to reading more of your books =)