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Monday, July 6, 2015

#TheSeekerSeries by Amy Reece Promo~Review~Giveaway {young adult romance}

The Seeker Series by Amy Reece 

SeekerCoverHQ-645x1024-252x400 DreamerEbook
Seeker: Ally Moran has always just known about things—things she shouldn’t really be able to know… Suddenly when she starts having vivid visions about a former friend who is in desperate trouble, the adults in her life think she might hold the key to an ancient mystery.
Jack Ruiz has a troubled past, but is trying to make a fresh start at a new high school… He just wants to keep his head down and graduate, hopefully before he turns 20. The last thing he needs is to get involved with a feisty redhead and her psychic visions. While Jack valiantly attempts to keep Ally at arm’s length, she is equally determined to be a part of his life. Who will win this battle of wills? More importantly… Can this unlikely couple work together to find answers to Ally’s visions before someone gets killed? Dreamer: Meet Ally Moran, a 17 year-old who also happens to be psychic. Oh, and she’s getting more psychic with every passing day, so much so that she’s been sent to Ireland to check in with the Seer Council to see what’s up with her freaky new powers. Jack Ruiz is her 19 year-old boyfriend, a former troublemaker who’s back on track and trying desperately to graduate. His plans did not include falling in love with a psychic trouble-magnet. Last month they worked together to save a friend in deep trouble and ended up solving a school-wide mystery. But now there’s a new guy at school, Remy Giles, and he seems just a little bit too interested in Ally for Jack’s liking. And why does Ally keep dreaming about a kidnapping? Last month seems like a cakewalk compared to this semester… Ally's trying to solve a mystery, but Jack is just trying to keep her alive.
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SEEKER (book 1)
I received this book in exchange for an honest review: this did not influence my review!

(Warning: Dark and complex content) labeled a YA book, I would recommend it to 17+ due to the violent nature of a few parts of the book! As a 40 something adult I was so pleased with this book! The main characters are so charming and vivid that you can totally relate to them! The book is writing in first person from Ally's point of view and she is such an adorable character! I think young ladies will want to become her BFF! The manner of speech is very modern and Ally is funny, witty and smart! Jack, is an older boy with a troubling past but don't let his past fool you ... this guy is the kind of guy you'd want your daughter to bring home!!! While reading the book, I was swept back to high school, first loves, first kisses, and more ... and I was surprised I found I could relate! a Highly entertaining book ... definitely recommended

DREAMER (Book 2) 

...this book is just as great as the first! 

a YA, although it contains some adult topics ...this book is full of relatable, vivid characters, surprises and excitement! 
I really enjoyed how this book picked up where we left off ... in Ireland!!! 
great story ... really enjoyed this story line... Ally and Jack's relationship is growing and going through some growing pains ...
the secondary characters really made this book come alive! 
loved it! 

Can't wait for the next book!  


About Amy Reece

Amy Reece lives in Albuquerque, NM, with her husband and family. She loves to read and travel and has an unhealthy addiction to dogs. She loves wine and friends, in that order. Stay tuned for the rest of The Seeker Series, coming Summer and Fall 2015.

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