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#AudiobookReview ~ Released: Vagabond Circus (#3) by Sarah Noffke

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Review: #HANSEL 1 by @author_ellaj #EllaJames

 October 20, 2014

One boy. Mother calls him Hansel.
One girl. Mother named her Gretel.
Locked in little rooms, in the mountainside mansion of a crazy woman.
Until he saws a hole into the wall dividing them.
Then at least, they have each other’s hands.

It doesn’t end well at Mother’s house.
Everything gets…broken.

Ten years later, they meet again in an exclusive Vegas sex club.
And most of all, a mask.
What happens to love when it gets twisted?

Fairy tales are cautionary tales, remember?

*This is a dark, erotic romance featuring themes some readers might find disturbing. If you don't enjoy dark romance, it may not be for you.
*This is part one in a four-part serial novella series. All four parts are completed.

(Currently free)
(Currently free)

My Review

Hansel part one introduces us to Hansel 
(What's his real name? You need to read to find out!) 
And Gretel (what's her real name? You'll have to read to find out!)

This dark story isn't what you think it might be ...
but it is strangely addicting and erotic...I couldn't put it down!

I would recommend this book to those who enjoy dark, erotic romance, bdsm type books ....
but be warned  .... you will be disappointed at the end if you don't have book two!!! 
Haha ... i was a little crazy when I finished reading part 1 last night but only because I don't have part 2 .... yet! 😉
I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more of Ella James's books in the future 

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