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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Sword Upon The Rose (Scottish Medieval #3) by Brenda Joyce

A Sword Upon The Rose
(Scottish Medieval #3)
by Brenda Joyce

New York Times bestselling author Brenda Joyce takes you back to the Highlands, where the battle for land, liberty and love rages on...

A bastard daughter, Alana was cast away at birth and forgotten by her mighty Comyn family. Raised in solitude by her grandmother, she has remained at a safe distance from the war raging through Scotland. But when a battle comes close to home and she finds herself compelled to save an enemy warrior from death, her own life is thrown into danger. 

Iain of Islay's allegiance is to the formidable Robert Bruce. His beautiful rescuer captures both his attention and his desire, but Alana must keep her identity a secret even as she is swept up into a wild and forbidden affair. But as Bruce's army begins the final destruction of the earldom, Alana must decide between the family whose acceptance she's always sought, or the man she so wrongly loves. 

My Review:
this is the first book by Brenda Joyce that I have read ... I have given it 3 stars out of 5 because I am conflicted in my review 
there were equal parts that I enjoyed greatly...and parts I found boring and/or dull 
I'm a great lover of historical fiction but I found this story lacked good historical facts or verbal scenery so to speak ... which I found very disappointing! 
I did not believe at all that Alana, a bastard born and orphaned girl ... who was also considered a witch, had been taught to read and write as well as she appeared in this story ... even if her mother had been a great heiress!
She wasn't raised as a child born of wealth and privilege ...  for me, this really did bother me! 
Had the author written in that she was secretly taught ... maybe I could have over looked this minor thing

overall ... I did enjoy many parts of this story and for that reason I would recommended this story

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