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Thursday, May 1, 2014

To-be-read bookshelf

I love books!
I love buying books ... on sale!
I have a paid discount membership to Chapters.indigo bookstore just to ensure I save money on my purchases ... it's not a waste of my money!
I buy books online because I often get a bigger discount ... most of my hardcover books are 40-50% off! Yippeee!
My hubby buys me books all the time (Bless his heart and soul ... he's amazing)
He refills my Chapters.indigo gift card so I can buy my own books (he really has no idea what books I want, need or desire) which I can use both in the store or online (for those of you without a credit card this is a great tip! You can buy a gift card and use it online just like a credit card)
I buy myself books all the time and so I find myself with 40 books on my to-be-read bookshelf
Some were given to me but most are brand new!
***this does not include ebooks I've purchased ... hehehe
They are beautiful ...
did that stop me from buying 3 more books yesterday?
I had no idea Lisa Renee Jones was going to leave me on a cliff hanger in her book 'If I Were You'
And did it stop me from placing a preorder for June ... 4 more books?
Um, NO ... I need those too!
I have every book in that series (Outlander by Diana Gabaldon) and well I surely need the books in the other series!?!?

Books are my drug!
I crave them, I need them, I want more!
I'm not ashamed either ;)

My TO-BE-READ bookshelf
two media shelves dedicated to specific authors
and random stuff on the very bottom! lol 
I have 11 bookshelves in my home ... 4 are large and the rest are these amazing media shelves. They are meant for cds and dvds but they work amazingly well for paperback books!
So if you think you don't have enough room for bookshelves and you have a lot of paperbacks ... this is a great solution!

PS: (do you do PS on blogs? oh well ...I'm doing it! lol)
I am not a greedy book lover either ... I share my books with a select few who know the rules and are trusted with my darlings ... Lisa's lending Library ... it makes buying books more wonderful when you can share it! =)

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